Activities in Parga

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Parga is on the northwest mainland of Greece and
is beloved for its gorgeous beaches and its unique natural setting.
What’s really fascinating about Parga is the fact that although it is a mainland town, its scenery reminds of an island.
Due to its location, visitors have the opportunity to do plenty of things when visiting Parga from visiting its famous ancient ruins to chatting up some friendly locals at one of Parga’s seaside tavernas and bars.
If you feel like exploring ancient fortress ruins, you can visit the castle of Parga which is positioned on the top of a hill overlooking the town as well as Valtos Beach.
Another castle worth visiting is the Anthousa Castle which has a great view of Parga’s region.
Agia Eleni is also a place worth visiting.
Agia Eleni stands at the highest point of Parga and it offers the most amazing overview of the town, the beaches and of course the castle. You can get to the top by hiking through the olive forest as well as by a motorcycle or car. Parga has numerous beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters such as Piso Krioneri Beach, Krioneri beach, Valtos beach, Agios Sostis, Lychnos Beach, Sarakiniko and Ai Giannakis.
Visitors can visit Piso Krioneri Beach which is only one minute walk from our property.
Krioneri Beach is the main beach of Parga and is only a 3 minute walk from our property. It also includes the famous Virgin Mary Island. The magnificent little island can either be accessed by boats or visitors can also swim to the island as it is not far at all.
Crystal clear water, beach bars, restaurants and water activities can all be found at another very popular beach called Valtos Beach. Valtos Beach is located behind the castle and can be accessed by either walking or by taking a taxi or the boat.
Lychnos Beach is another very beautiful beach which is located 3km from Parga. The beach can be accessed by walking, taxi or the boat. Visitors can also do numerous different water sports and activities there.
If you are looking for a more quiet beach Agios Sostis and Ai Giannakis are the beaches ideal for you. They are known for being quiet and very beautiful. They can both be accessed by taxi or boat.
Another must-do for a visitor visiting Parga is the boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos. Visitors will have the chance to sail in the beautiful Ionian sea
and have the opportunity to explore the little islands and swim in the crystal clear water.
Due to Parga’s geographical location,
visitors can also visit a number of other famous places that
are worth visiting!
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